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Recovery program for chronic fatigue syndrome

About the program

At the primary consultation with a Medical specialist ,  will be ‎determined the therapy course, given recommendations on proper heliotherapy (sunbathing) and sea ‎‎bathing.

The treatments are made under medical supervision on the progress and course of treatment , in case it is necessary ,the doctor might make modifications on the treatment plan.

After finishing the treatment you will have a closing consultation , during the consultation you will be given recommendations considered the treatment you have made and its results.

Possible to make Laboratory tests if necessary (additionally for extra charge).‎

If you are interested in individual program please contact us.

Treatments included in the program:

  • Limphastim

    Drainage blood-lymph circulation massages.
    2/4/6 treatments.

  • Pelotherapy

    Dead Sea Mud wraps in a Floating bathtub.
    3/5/8 treatments.

  • Physical therapy

    Magneto therapy for sleep disorders.
    The therapy type determined by the Physician.
    5/8/10 treatments.

  • Relaxing Aromatherapy massage

    With reflexology.
    3/5/8 treatments.

  • Post-isometric hydrodynamic bathtub

    3/5/8 treatments.

  • Anti-stress treatment

    In the dermalife capsule.
    3/4/5 treatments.

Program Prices:

  • 1 Week (19 treatments)

    1750 USD

  • 2 Weeks (31 treatments)

    2450 USD

  • 3 Weeks (45 treatments)

    3050 USD