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The Clinic

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Our goal is to rebuild and improve your health, vitality and longevity.


A Word from The Founder

“During our many years of practicing and researching Rehabilitation Techniques at the Dead Sea resort, our medical center has become famous for its results around the world. We continue to work tirelessly to innovate new therapeutic techniques and perfect our medical knowledge so that we can continue our primary mission of serving our patients and helping them attain the best possible health.”

Michael Rivkin MD,PhD,Professor

At the top of medical technology

We have built our reputation as a peerless medical facility by performing treatments with a success rate that is the envy of the medical community. Dr. Michael Rivkin heads a staff of medical experts that possess advanced proficiencies in specialties like Peloidotherapy, Shock Wave Therapy and Laser Dermatology. We have helped patients from around the world resolve their health issues, enhance their body image and elevate their wellbeing to unprecedented heights.

The Team

Among the Dead Sea Clinic staff, you can find experts and personnel which own rich experience in their field and high recommendations. The clinic treats patients since 1996 and every year more than 1500 patients from Russia, East and West Europe, USA coming to get treated at our clinic.

The Clinic Location

Central Solarium, Ein Bokek
Dead Sea, 86930, Israel

tel: +(972) 8 652 02 97
fax: +(972) 8 625 02 98

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The Dead Sea

In a valley between Jordan and Israel lays the dead sea , it is know as one of the saltiest waters on the planet and located in the lowest spot on earth.

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