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Face lifting PRIVILEGE

Unfortunately, with age our facial skin loses its elasticity, the tone of facial muscles reducing and under the influence of gravity, well, our skin is moving down, we find wrinkles on our face or neck.

There is no need to rash and lay down under the operating knife of the plastic surgeon, sometimes surgical correction is not satisfying. The operation is final and any change will need time and more operations, we have a better solution for you: The privilege face lift!


What is the privilege face lift?

First of all, it is a nonsurgical solution when age, stress and climate start to show on yore face…

The  Privilege facelift treatment preformed using the “lifting face” device, it have no equal  in the cosmetic non-surgical world, no pain, no anaesthesia, no cutting your face and no unpleasant consequences.

However, it is very important to put yourself in hands of an experienced specialist and professional beautician who will individually select the most suitable procedure for your skin type and its needs.

In addition to the lifting, the treatment includes needleless mesotherapy in order to rejuvenate the skin of the face and neck, give it flexibility and moisture. Under pressure oxygen will deliver the cocktail of hyaluronic acid with a unique micro-encapsulated fortified serum into your skin, leaving you after treatment with unbelievable results.

Dead Sea Clinic patients after completing the treatment report on overall rejuvenation of 5-10 years.