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Fotona 4D – rejuvenation and facelift

The laser rejuvenation and facelift Fotona 4D is unique and can be performed only by the new generation of Fotona lasers.

The latest laser technology for rejuvenation and facelift

As a result of aging the skin loses its elasticity and firmness, becomes flabby and dull and wrinkles begins to appear. There are numerous methods to control the age-related changes, one of the most recognized, safe and an efficient method today is the laser rejuvenation. Everyone well knows such methods as laser resurfacing, hot and cold laser peels, fractional laser rejuvenation.

Today we bring you a new revolutionary method of laser rejuvenation: the Fotona 4D procedure, a unique technology for reconstruction of the facial skin. This treatment is performed only once and does not require any recovery period. Fotona 4D is a sequential combination of four external and intraoral patented procedures

1. SmoothLiftin – Intraoral Tightening

SmoothLiftin is a revolutionary non-ablative intraoral treatment for controlled and gentle bulk-heating to stimulate collagen contraction. In addition to an immediate effect resulting in the shrinkage of collagen fibers, the initiation of collagenases, or new collagen formation, occurs. The effects result in an overall improvement of tightness and elasticity in the treated tissue as well as a plumping effect to the nasolabial folds from the inside, much like filler.

2. FRAC3 – Rejuvenation

FRAC3 is a three-dimensional treatment effect that seeks out minuscule, age-related imperfections in skin tissue. With FRAC3 more surrounding tissue remains unaffected, ensuring faster healing and less patient downtime compared to conventional fractional treatments.

3. PIANO- Skin Tightening

PIANO mode is a new bulk heating approach based on super-long pulse durations (0.3 – 60 s) which are longer than the thermal relaxation time of the epidermis and other skin structures such as hair follicles or blood vessels. Since PIANO mode does not cause high initial temperature peaks in the epidermis, it is the safest mode for reaching deeper lying skin tissues.

4. SupErficial – Light Peel

SupErficial is a light cold ablation that gives a pearl finish to the skin. SupErficial additionally improves the appearance of the skin and reduces imperfections by using Fotona’s propriety VSP technology, enabling the operator to easily adjust the laser to an extremely controlled light peel without thermal effects, for a no-downtime, highly precise treatment.