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Fractional photothermolysis

What is the Fractional photothermolysis?

  • Laser “needles” with microscopic precision eliminating the upper layer of wrinkled, sagging skin with subsequent restoration and will make your skin smooth and youthful.
  • Visible effect will appear after one treatment and after a few – you will get amazing rejuvenating results.
  • Increasing lifting effect for several months after the procedure.
  • The result will last for many years.

How does it work?

The laser beam creates at the skin hundreds of microscopic treatment zones, eliminates micro-portions old cloth, instead of which grows a new, defect-free skin.

It destroys the old collagen, whereby the cells are activated and re-synthesizing elements of the collagen framework.

Ultimately, not only the skin is tightened and released from the pigmented spots, but also aligned, smoothed wrinkles and scars, stretch marks disappear, decreasing pore size, and skin becomes more dense and elastic.

How your skin will look like after the treatment?

After the treatment it is normal to experience some redness at the treated area, which is a normal reaction to the laser treatment and proves the effectiveness of the treatment.  After 1-2 days the redness and the dry skin will disappear. You will need to remember to use sun protecting cosmetics. And after a week the skin will be tight, soft and youthful.

How many treatments would you need?

The quantity of the treatments will be defined individually in each case, it can be one treatment and it can be few treatments. The treatment can be preformed any time of year and we guarantee an amazing result.