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Mud therapy exclusive treatment

The only one In Israel

mud wrap2Only in our clinic, the treatments of the Dead Sea mud wraps are carried out using the most modern medical equipment, which helps to appreciate the full medical procedure – Pelotherapy.

We provide a computerized couch with hydro-pool and warm dynamic circular wraps for 100% contact with the entire surface of the skin. As a result of such exposure the mineral composition of mud component maximally it penetrates the skin into the muscle tissue and articular ligaments and removes blocks and muscle tension.

The most distinguishing feature of this procedure is that the patient is not in contact with the plane of the couch but in aqua bed with a flotation effect, where the patient experiences a feeling of weightlessness and the load on the spine is ‎ absolutely lifted ‎. The perfect warm temperature creates a special feeling of comfort, gently warming the body and relaxing all the muscles. Warm water jets additionally restore energy and vitality, and relaxing music carries you to a world of tranquility and complete relaxation.

The treatment is very beneficial in cases of nervous excitement and stress, sleep disorders, joint and muscle pain, degenerative diseases of the spine and joints, posture disorders, discopathy and spine hernia.

Additional therapeutic effects of treatment: relieves stress, normalize blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen consumption, heart rate returns to normal.