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Nail fungus treatment

It’s about time to get rid of the fungus without harming the rest of the body!

Onychomycosis Treatment Courtesy of Robin Sult, R.N
Onychomycosis Treatment Courtesy of Robin Sult, R.N

Various anti-fungal ointments showed low efficiency, because they cannot penetrate deeply into the thickness of the horny layer of the nail plate where concentrated fungal colonies. Pharmacological anti-fungal drugs often have a strong toxic effect on the whole body.

When the treatments  as anti-fungal ointments or some “natural treatments” do not help ,or they do , but the fungus keeps coming back it is the time to get professional help from the leading clinic at the dead sea , and the only one here who permitted to preform this treatment.


What is makes our treatment so different than others?

Dead Sea Clinic offers laser destruction of nail fungus with the most modern way –  the new generation laser .

No side effects!

Healthy tissues and organs are not affected!

The new laser Affect directly on the fungus and completely destroy its colony.

To fully get rid of the fungus you will need just a few treatments.

Eliminates the nail fungus – FOREVER!