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Oxygen needleless meso-therapy

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Oxygen needleless mesotherapy
, due to its high efficiency, meso-therapy is one of most popular Techniques in modern cosmetology. The treatment used for skin rejuvenation and unlike the conventional mesotherapy, oxygen meso-therapy does not involve the use of a syringe. With this method the oxygen enriched mixture penetrates into the skin in rate up to 98%. Those places that need to be subjected to rejuvenation are treated with oxygen under pressure injecting the active ingredients and vitamins with this needleless method. As a result of the treatment the skin becomes fresh and radiant appearance for a long time.


It should be mentioned that the oxygen mesotherapy may have different effects on the skin depending on the administered cocktails:

Whitening – narrowing pores and wrinkles, removes skin pigmentation. In this case, the serum contains Kojic and ascorbic acid and a number of vitamins for skin whitening.

Cleansing – for problematic skin it is cleansing and alimenting the skin. The main component of the serum in this case is the azelaic acid, which contributes to the normalization of sebum and carnitine (to cleave the fatty acid) and several vitamins.

Moisturizing – recommended for dry and sensitive skin. Whey is the hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture in the connective tissue.

Anti-aging – against skin aging. The course contributes to the formation of new cells and smoothing of wrinkles. Serum for this course contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides – they restore the surface layer of the skin, moisturize and form a protective epidermis.

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