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The procedure is using the most modern technologies in aesthetic medicine .showing Effects in a single procedure: weight loss, cellulite cleavage in the most hopeless of its manifestations and stages , stretching (after childbirth) and scars, skin tightening due to enhanced collagen. Simultaneous exposure to several areas – abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms.

The uniqueness of the procedure is that during a 20 – 30 minute program impact simultaneously performed on different layers of the skin:

  • the epidermis – increases its firmness and elasticity;
  • in the dermis – defibrosing observed effect;
  • to subcutaneous fat – there a fat burn effect that activates metabolic processes.
    The device generates ultrasonic waves in the range of 30 kHz, providing them with high penetrating power. Reaching the level of fat cells at a depth of 3-8 cm, ultrasonic waves generate a number of important physiological effects:
  • Ultrasonic sonophorez vigorously lyse adipose tissue;
  • internal micro tissue occurring under the influence of sound vibrations smoothed fibrous tissue and keloids;
  • Thermal: skin contact ultrasound mechanical energy is transformed into heat, increasing the metabolism of free radicals and the withdrawal of all the layers of the skin.

The recommended course consists of 5 treatments.

Sonoforez treatment