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The secret of Cleopatra program

The program is Suitable for men and women.

About the program

At the primary consultation with a Physician and Medical esthetician will be determined the skin type ‎of the patient and accordingly therapy course, which consists of various types of complex influences on the skin of the face and body, taking into account individual circumstances.

The treatments are made under medical supervision on the progress and course of treatment , in case it is necessary ,the doctor might make modifications on the treatment plan.

All cosmetic treatments include facial, neck, chest massage.

After finishing the treatment you will have a closing consultation with a Medical esthetician, during the consultation will be given ‎recommendations to the future considered the treatment result and recommendation for cosmetic means ‎ that can contain the result if needed.

Liposuction (non-surgical) -of the abdomen hips (up to 500 ml destruction of fat in one treatment) might be recommended by the Medical esthetician and not included in the program(additionally for extra charge).

If you are interested in individual program  please contact us.

This Program includes:

  • The secret of Cleopatra

    Overall mineral peeling with Dead Sea salts and balsamic oils. 1 treatment.

  • Thalassotherapy

    Seaweed Body Wrap all over the body ‎, moisturizing and improves skin elasticity. 3/6/8 treatments.

  • Aromatherapy-balneotherapy

    Treatment in the Dermalife capsule. 2/4/6 treatments.

  • Pelotherapy

    Dead Sea mud wraps / applications. 3/5/7 treatments.

  • Anti-age

    Cosmetic treatments with micro-current therapy on facial wrinkles of the face and neck with a reinforced regeneration and lifting effects. 2/3/4 treatments.‎

  • Cleopatra morning

    Cosmetic rejuvenating complex providing skincare for the face, neck and décolleté using Dead Sea mineral cosmetics. 2/3/4 treatments.‎

Program Prices: