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Treatment program for rehabilitation ‎therapy after ‎injuries, operations and long-term illnesses

This program may be recommended for patients as wellness course at a general asthenia, reduced immune system, after injuries, operations and long proceeding illnesses.

About the program

At the primary consultation with a Medical specialist ,  will be ‎determined the therapy course, given recommendations on proper heliotherapy (sunbathing) and sea ‎‎bathing.

The treatments are made under medical supervision on the progress and course of treatment , in case it is necessary ,the doctor might make modifications on the treatment plan.

After finishing the treatment you will have a closing consultation , during the consultation you will be given recommendations considered the treatment you have made and its results.

Possible to make Laboratory tests if necessary (additionally for extra charge).‎

Shock wave therapy and Osteopathy may be recommended by the Physician and not included in the program.

If you are interested in individual program or include those treatments in the program please contact us.



The Program includes:

  • Acupuncture

    2/4/6 treatments.

  • Pelotherapy

    Dead Sea mud wraps/ applications . 3/5/8 treatments.

  • Thalassotherapy

    Detox Seaweed Body Wrap all over the body . 3/4/5 treatments.

  • Medical massage

    With reflexology 5/8/10 treatments.

  • Limphastim

    Drainage blood-lymph circulation massages . 5/8/10 treatments.

  • Rehabilitation treatments

    In the Dermalife capsule. 3/4/5 treatments.

Program Prices: