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The Dead Sea at the summer time

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The Dead Sea – The Eighth Wonder of The World.

Every year, tens of thousands people come here to get treated for different types of health complications. But typically those people prefer to come here miraculous place during the autumn, winter and spring, avoiding it at the summer due to the hot weather. But despite the hot weather some do come here at the summer and enjoy our effective treatments the same as any other time of the year.

At the Dead Sea Clinic, especially during summer time we treat such diseases as psoriasis and vitiligo very effectively, since sunbathing is possible from the early morning and until the afternoon.

In addition, treatment of orthopedic disorders and respiratory diseases at the Dead Sea, and during the summer time brings a remarkable healing effect, since the air and the water are heated by the sun and that effect such disorders and, or diseases very positively.

Furthermore, during the summer time there is no need for processed water in closed spaces and pools, you can enjoy the warm water  and air in natural conditions and make the treatment more natural and effective for your entire organism.

As for contraindications for staying at the dead sea shore at summer time- they almost do not exist, some people do need to avoid hot weather and heat in their cases may have bad effect on their systems (for example elderly people and those who suffer from high blood pressure), but those people should also avoid other hot weather countries and visit only at more Comfortable weather.

Basically, the tourists that visit the Dead Sea at summer time need to keep some basic rules that all the residents off hot climate countries are trying to keep: wearing headwear, sunglasses, using creams and ointments with the needed UVA/UVB protection and drinking a lot of water.

The Dead Sea clinic doctors will help you to make an individual treatment program and also will make sure that the Dead Sea climate in any time of the ear will only benefit to your health. The Dead Sea clinic successfully coping with dozens of diseases of different nature and also suggest programs for appearance and Shape correction and programs for reinforcement of the immune system.