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Dental Clinic

Nowadays, healthy and beautiful teeth are the hallmark of a successful person, and are a part of his or hers image, that become a criterion of viability and well-being. Perfect by nature and beautiful teeth are rare. Modern cosmetic dentistry eliminates many defects of the oral cavity, to restore that beautiful, shining white smile.

The “Hollywood smile” is a dream that becomes a reality during your stay at the resort. In no time you will perform all the necessary tests for the modelling and execution of works in the dental practice. This dream can come true with the help of the recognized expert in the field of aesthetic dentistry Dr. Novak, who has many years of experience and the highest recommendation of the Israel Dental Association.

Within just a few days you can become the barer of a snow-white smile. The professionalism, the most advanced level of technology, the comfort of patients, all of which are the basic principles of the clinic.

The clinic offers the following medical services:

  • Ceramic coating (Laminate)
  • Ceramic crowns without metal (zirconium oxide)
  • Ceramic fillings (Inlay, onlay)
  • Teeth whitening using LED unit
  • Implants
  • Instant implantation and load
  • Sinus lift (open / closed)
  • Flexible dentures (Volplast)
  • Hypoallergenic prostheses (AF)


  • **Possibility of procedures under general anesthesia.

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